Less Wrong sequences bundle (PDF)

Here you can find PDF versions of Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Less Wrong sequences. Not all sequences are included at the moment, see below for the list. The code for generating this bundle is on GitHub.

The nice thing about these PDFs is that allow you to navigate Eliezer’s back- and forward-references to other articles in the sequences, or in other sequences. This is done in two ways:


The latest version of the sequences PDF was generated on 2013-04-28:

List of sequences

Future work

Take a look at the list of issues, and the TODO items in lesswrong_book.py.

Also, an ePub or MOBI version of this bundle could be generated from the intermediate HTML output that the tool generates.


While ePub and MOBI have certain clear advantages over PDF (mainly, the ability to be read comfortably in devices of any size, e.g. mobile phones), they still lag behind in what respects to annotations.

For this reason (rich annotations), I very much prefer PDF for my non-fiction books.

Also, I wanted to see what Prince XML could and could not do.